Pericom – Enabling Serial Connectivity

Pericom Semiconductor enables serial connectivity with the industry’s most complete solutions with products spanning analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuits, for all your Connectivity, Signal Integrity, andTiming needs.
Pericom at Embedded World
February 25-27, 2014 Nurnberg, Germany


PI7C9X2G404SL – 4-port, 4 lane PCIe2.1
PI7C9X2G304SL – 3-port, 4-lane PCIe2.1
PI79X2G303EL – 3-port, 3-lane PCIe2.1

PCIe Gen2 Packet Switch with integrated clock buffers, lowest power dissipation, smallest package, and industrial temperature is an excellent solution for wireless Set-top box/Home Gateway and a broad range of embedded applications such as MFP, Industrial PC, Medical Devices, Surveillance, POS, NAS, and others.

  • PCISIG PCIe rev 2.1 certified
  • Integrated PCIe clock buffer for each downstream port
  • Low Power – 200mW Standby (Industry lowest), Low Latency – 150nS (typical)
  • 136 QFN 8x8mm (Industry smallest package), 128 LQFP 14x14mm
  • -40~+85°C industrial temperature

Application Notes

AN354 PT8A2516 – Simple Timer  – PT8A2516 is a mixed signal CMOS IC designed for simple timer application. The device’s timing can be adjusted by the external R/C.
AN357 PT8A2544/PT8A2545 – Universal Timer  – PT8A2544/PT8A2545 is a mixed signal CMOS IC designed for a fixed timer to drive RELAY to implement safety power control. It supports 120/240V and 50/60Hz AC power supply. The device automatically shuts off load in order to prevent undesired condition of the system. Internal timer is capable of several timer settings, such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, etc.

Application Notes
Pericom Semiconductor provides application-oriented references to Networking and Telecommunications, Server, and Embeded Applications. Any product specific application note can be found on product details.
Cross Reference
Cross reference search is a search service which offers you suitable Pericom’s products for other manufacturers’ products. Search for thousands of Pericom parts from Timing ICs to ReDriver high-performance signal conditioning ICs.


The Pericom Product Overview catalog presents overview information about Pericom’s solutions inConnectivitySignal Integrity, and Timing products with the highlighted part lists.
Pericom Product Overview Catalog (Product Catalog)
Pericom Semiconductor Overview (Solution Pamphlet)

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