USB 3.0 ReDriver / Repeater, USB 3.0 (Mux/Demux) Switch and USB 2.0 switching solution from Pericom

USB 3.0 ReDriver™/Repeater

  • Only USB ReDriver vendor certified by USB-IF Compliance and listed in Integrator’s list
  • Lowest Power Dissipation at U0 Full-Power State
  • Industry smallest footprint for USB 3.0 ReDriver package 
  • Compensate cumulative signal insertion loss on high-speed USB 3.0 trace, or cable
  • Reliable USB 3.0 link to peripheral devices without any system down time
  • Support USB 3.0 cable extension up to 10 meters
USB 3.0 Signal Switch

  • Preserve signal integrity waveform of the 5Gbps data with -1dB of insertion loss and -23dB of return loss
  • Power rail design flexibility with 1.5V, 1.8V, and 3.3V
  • Compatible to USB 3.0 standard in a TQFN package
  • Single or dual 2:1 Mux/Demux devices
Pericom offers a comprehensive product portfolio of USB 3.0 ReDriver/Repeater and USB 3.0 (Mux/Demux) Switch devices and industry’s broadest USB 2.0 switching solution. Pericom performance-tuned USB 3.0 ReDriver/Repeater and USB 3.0 Switch products are perfect I/O Interconnect solutions to tackle the critical High-Speed Signal Integrity issues and to fulfill the I/O switching requirements from various system applications such as PC/Computing, Server, Storage, Networking, Video/Graphic Display, Automotive Infotainment, Ultra-mobility and other Consumer Electronics Platforms.
Pericom USB 3.0 Portfolio of ReDriver and Signal Switch

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